• Yijay Xu

    Founding partner and Art Director at MQ studio. Born and educated in Shanghai, China, Yijay studied Business Management and Design in Australia, before returning to China to co-found MQ studio with Andy Hall in 2006. Yijay plays a pivotal role within the studio, specialising on all aspects of the design from FF+E sourcing, art selections, general operational input and final project set up and styling.

    When not trawling though flea markets, furniture warehouses and antiques shops or on site putting the finishing touches to the projects, Yijay is also responsible for the Business Development of the studio.

  • Francois Vigreux

    Francois joined MQ studio in 2010 as Managing Director. Originally from Paris, he received his Master of Engineering diploma from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, resulting in a number of high profile managerial positions in and around Europe and finally to Asia.

    Within the studio, Francois is responsible for all the managerial and legal aspects of the business, whilst additionally supporting the design teams with project co-ordination and management.

  • Andy Hall

    Founding partner and leading Design Director at MQ studio. Andy received his architectural education from Westminster University in London, England. After working in a number of countries including the UK, Japan and Germany, he finally settled in Shanghai in 1997 as the Chief Designer of an international gallery developing luxury ‘one-off’ and limited edition product and furniture ranges. In Spring 2006, he established MQ studio with Yijay Xu.

    From lifestyle resorts and hotels, to restaurant, bars private residences, the studio’s portfolio is filled with a range of projects from the extra small to the abnormally large- each project being a cohesion of narrative and functional form and the coalescing of the whimsical and the utilitarian. The works all have strong characters that reach out and drawer the viewers in, telling them a story and through their physical presence, unconsciously giving the viewer something memorable.

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