One Thing About Entrepreneurship That Keeps Me Up At Night

It’s the notion of a plan B, a career path to fall back on incase things don’t work out, when I realize that suddenly my peers have stable careers and my deviation from the traditional career didn’t quite end how Tim Ferris promised it would.  I don’t usually focus on the negative, I know it’s bad, but within the confines of this post I will entertain it.

I went to a seminar awhile back and the presenter informed us about his past. He was working in investment when he started the business he was currently running. So initially he had a different path from the one he’s on now, so if his venture didn’t work out for him I guess he’d just keep trying while being stable from his investment banker pay or just continue on with that. I wonder where he’d be if he didn’t have the investment banker job, or even a career. What if he was in and out of transactional jobs while working hard on his own business venture that may never be stable for him.

My concern is a scenario in the future when I’ve given a lot into working for myself and financed several ideas but unfortunately it doesn’t really work out and my options begin to decrease. I would be in a tough spot and conversely my friends would be stable from their careers where they had worked for existing companies, something I wasn’t interested in doing. One resolve is having a plan B, and plan B’s by nature are meant to be more reliable and safer than your plan A, but they aren’t as exciting or fulfilling which is why they’re a second option. I feel that people assume plan B’s are failsafe, and that they always work out, that can’t be the case in reality.

Hypothetically, if an entrepreneur is really meant to succeed at their dream, to live a life where they’re proud of what they do, where their work is their art, they have to give it everything. So far from my experience giving it everything does not afford you time to develop a plan B on the side. Will Smith has a similar sentiment, “don’t have a plan B, it distracts from plan A,” I don’t think that’s a one size fits all statement, but there’s truth there.

The exception to this which includes the investment banker is where the plan B is already setup and running. He went to university, studied, got a stable job and then started an unrelated business. It’s almost like plan A and plan B don’t apply in that situation, if his venture didn’t work out I guess he’d just remain in his initial career, at least it paid his bills.

Anything that provides safety is no walk in the park, it’s a tough hustle building a corporate career, I’m watching some friends do it. Overall I don’t see there being a reasonable way to be an entrepreneur and develop a career as a plan B like my Mother would like me to. This is the one thing that keeps me up at night.

Review of The Dip By Seth Godin

Seth godin the dipI had seen this book get a mention in numerous places, primarily in the entrepreneur and personal development world. This book focus’s on the resistance that is inherent in anything worth doing. At first there is excitement when starting a pursuit, hobby or goal then once the buzz wears off you hit a stalemate, this is where a lot of people give up and quit. The author states that the reward follows this stalemate which is to be expected and not avoided.

At the same time Seth Godin highlights the importance of quitting the things that don’t matter so much, a strategy that allows one to save their energy and resources for a goal that is more important. Godin states that valuable scarcity can be accrued once you get over the dip since so many have quit before you. The dip itself is basically a catalyst erected by us to encourage the growth of something great. I nodded my head with recognition when I read the following paragraph.

Where does the scarcity come from? It comes from the hurdles that the markets and our society set up. It comes from the fact that most competitors quit long before they’ve created something that makes it to the top. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. The system depends on it.

Here’s two more quotes that stuck out to me.

Very quietly, the Microsofts of the world hang in, going from version 1 to version 2 , knowing that by version 3, the world will be a different (and better) place for them.

Persistent people are able to visualize the idea of light at the end of the tunnel when others can’t see it. At the same time, the smartest people are realistic about not imagining light when there isn’t any.

This book sort of gave me the permission that it’s okay to keep on going with something even when you may look like a dork or there seems to be no progress. However I also felt a pang of discomfort in regards to the importance of quitting the other stuff to free your time for what you want to excel at. I’ve enjoyed being good at a mix of things and having multiple interests, but I’ve never been remarkable at one. I’m getting busy with something else these days, trying to create my own work and money. In terms of quitting the secondary stuff, this blog is definitely in the firing line, we’ll see. Overall the book like many other books of this nature, make me feel getting down to the nitty gritty, and that any hardship is certainly not pre ordained.

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Forgot About Girls

amanda seyfried pastel

I remember reading a Delicious Tacos post a few months ago where he still wanted to get laid as usual, but the effort it took to do that wasn’t something he could be bothered to do. I felt like I knew what he was talking about, but it was at a time when I was talking to girls all the time. I recall wondering what it would be like to want something so bad but not want to go through the process of getting it.

Well recently I went through one of those patches, I might still be in it. I just had no real interest in approaching random girls, but at the same time I was always horny. Part of it is building this iphone app I’ve got going, thats got me really focused. I probably forgot about girls and so forth for a fortnight, then meeting girls as a pillar of my life just got submerged afterawhile. That sparked me to look at porn again too, I wrote two posts against porn so I suppose I’m a bit of a phony. However, I now know that there’s no black and white of quitting something, myself included. Things just come and go. During periods where your stressed, old habits say hi, you eat more chocolate, add in chocolate syrup into your coffee instead of sugar. Just, impulse type stuff, like porn. Not looking at porn isn’t about restraining yourself from it or making it a villain, it’s about becoming more resistant to the triggers because they’re always going to exist.

In terms of the dry patch I now feel motivated to get out of it. My friend showed me a picture on his phone. It was a picture another friend had sent him of his fuck buddy who was bending over to reach a low supermarket shelf. She wore a floral skirt without panties. My jaw dropped, it was nowhere near the level of porn, but infinitely better, because it was real, and the girl knew the pic was being taken. I announced to my friend that I was perhaps considering dropping everything to get laid now. Seriously, the anticipation of sex is often more visceral than sex itself, and nothing is more anticipating than your girl voluntarily leaving her panties at home.

World’s Collide With Return of Kings Viral Posts

worlds collide seinfeld

Return of Kings has blown up, they’re on my Facebook newsfeed now. A site I used to have bookmarked, a site I’ve linked to in this blog is now being discussed by people I know on Facebook. That discomforts me.

I always felt this corner of the web would stay that way, in the corner. Maybe it would gain exposure from the NY times, the Atlantic and other prominent digital news outlets, but I didn’t think that my friends would echo it onto their Facebook calling for an opinion on it. World’s have collided, and it’s ugly. I stopped reading ROK awhile ago, at first it was because I began blogging more and had to cull the amount of blogs I read, however they also turned up the vitriol a little bit too much for my liking. I find the sites main value is in Roosh’s book reviews and overall life philosophy. I can’t say that 24 signs she’s a slut helps me that much, or 5 reasons to date a girl with an eating disorder would realistically be as attractive an option as Tuthmosis says (however I have had a small relationship with a girl who had an eating disorder while traveling, she was great). However I respect their exertion of free speech, regardless of the content, those two viral posts and the backlash/death threats alongside it have exposed how people aren’t as open to free speech as they say they are.

What I’ve realized from this is I judge things a lot differently than others, I think you have to in this pocket of the web. I read the hate that ROK gets and I’m confused, it’s as if the people know the author and feel the post is about them. I read everything with a grain of salt, I disagree with arguments but I look for something that has grounds to change my perspective, or something I can nod my head with recognition to.

I never bash something to the ground or see the point to, all of this, even this, is just something someone said on the internet, yet people are getting really upset and want ROK to be shutdown. I’m bemused by people’s lack of emotional control, the only reason they can be upset is because they likely see part of themselves in 24 signs she’s a slut and refuse to acknowledge it. Personally, I think the signs Tuthmosis talks about are signs that she’s going to be open, but that’s boring and sometimes you gotta throw the word ‘slut’ in there. People don’t see that, so they attack, they don’t realize that the author doesn’t actually have the means to quantify promiscuity within girls, and why would he want to do that anyway? That can be left to a science journal and the people who vomit up the response of “can you support your claims” are welcome to leave their stink on those sites.

Roosh’s philosophical/economic stuff is invaluable, so valuable that I accept his opinion on women in order to enjoy his posts on general life. It seems a vast amount of people don’t have the ability to constructively critique a body of work, once they experience something they don’t like, then everything else from the same source is now bad too. Their loss.

I Used To Identify With The Left

I used to be quite heavily on the political left. I was 20, wasn’t making much money at all, and didn’t have any plans to make any of it as an entrepreneur. I spent a lot of time watching Michael Moore films and searched for articles on the net that agreed with the political opinions I had arrived at. I felt the world was really fucked, that capitalism had gone too far.

It was clever timing because around this time the occupy movement sprung into action and I began following it. I though that the issues large private banks had started would be amended. I thought Michael Moore was going to put behind bars the greedy CEO’s he kept talking about. Clearly, I didn’t have  full view of politics and world affairs, I wouldn’t say I do currently, but my perception over the past three years has taken a beating.

I drifted away from the Occupy movement after two or more months for a couple of reasons. Firstly, when I walked past the occupy location of my own city I noticed their demands from the government were incredibly unfocused and messy. Gay rights, abortion and higher education debt were all scribbled on the one piece of cardboard. The focus on monetary greed had dissolved into what seemed to be a huge ransom note, that frustrated me. These people were here, and many others like them all around the world desiring more followers and more awareness of the 1%. However they had crammed in their tactics from previous demos and protests that made regular folk feel alienated, and this was a regular folk issue. Maybe I’m being shallow, but at the time I felt strongly about occupy, and when I saw the mess and the irrelevant outlandish demands of the protesters I felt disaffected.

I remember reading the Youtube comments left on footage from an Occupy site. There was a small argument between two users, someone was complaining, another was hurling abuse. What I’ve never forgotten is the comment of one lone user, he said ‘the left implodes on itself yet again.’ He summed up my growing ambivalence towards the occupy movement and the liberal left wing.

The left wing seems to have a poor grasp at teamwork and accepting the varying beliefs within their own camp. The opposing 1%, the subject of their protests, realize that business is business. The suits who are moving the money around and making it grow for their own wealth are successful because they accept each others differences. They turn a blind eye when they find out one of their own was caught with a transexual prostitute. They continue with business if one of them is outed as a closet homosexual. I bet some of them are religious, some Atheist, and they’re conscious of their differing beliefs but they don’t let it get in the way of their long term goals. I admire that. It’s the Right wing who often get stigmatized as opposing free speech, but the Left is no different. I remember walking through the occupy camp in my city and I overheard two people arguing about the Russian Revolution, an event that happened almost 100 years ago! Perhaps arguing and tolerance can coexist, but I wouldn’t say the left is actually open to the real meaning of free speech.

There is a strong presence of protecting the dogma among the radical left wing, it’s often with vitriol too. I’ve grown fonder towards the capitalistic model of growth as I admire its mirroring of natural selection. Since then I’ve found myself clashing with old friends, who uphold strong liberal beliefs. Clashing is actually an understatement. If I so much as question any facet of equality on Facebook, old friends are quick to hurl abuse, quick to demolish any mutual acquaintance all to protect the idea of equality. I’ve noticed on the net it’s these types who are quick to use nasty words they’d never say in real life. Tolerance and acceptance seem to be used by the radical left wing only when it suits them, because that’s their definition of equality.

I believe both sides have good and bad, and I don’t see myself as left or right nor do I care to. Capitalism has the ability to ruin the planet if it’a running on all its engines, Ruins the people too. Socialism fucks everything up also, it’s wealth sharing seems to disrupt healthy competition. Not sure what I dislike more, the betrayal of healthy and beneficial competition, or the mindless pursuit of plasma TV’s and bling. Anyway, now I’m not so quick to jump onto any bandwagons.

Girls Linking Instagram to Tinder?

Tinder Like Nope Blonde

This girl didn’t link Instagram, so she gets the spotlight.

I don’t want to add you on Instagram, girl who has added it to her Tinder mobile app. Why have you done this? So guys who you’re most likely to ‘nope’ can follow you on and be reminded of you each day? Is this some sick ploy for unrequited love where you decree guys can never have you but they can follow you on Instagram, see pictures of your face, food and butt everyday? Shit, I mean, yeah you’re attractive, but this is the internet, you think you’re the only pretty girl on here? I’m already following an aspiring alt/goth model, the hot chick from the Whatever youtube channel and a pseudo American Apparel model. That’s enough. Okay, some guys probably do this too, but they don’t come up in my feed. Besides, that’s a post a girl can write.

Why do you want more followers anyway? Specifically, do you know the type of followers you’re getting from Tinder? Tinder runs the gamut, but I doubt you’d have any sexual interest in the ones who go to the effort to write down your Instagram and follow you with the intention of increasing the outcome of sex. What’s more is that Instagram has no private message feature, to contact someone you have to comment on their pictures. They’re locked in follow-zone, the weaker auxiliary to the friend-zone.

The fact you have the Instagram on there tells me you’re an attention seeker, you’re willing to gain attention at the cost of having random dudes fawn over you. That sounds like a situation a porn star would put herself into for career exposure – send out nice tweets adoring her followers. In all likely-hood, porn stars and attention whores only love the followers for the large number they have accrued to, an individual has little importance.

Yes, girls just want to be adored and approved of, some are just so painfully obvious about it on their mobiles. So having said that, no, I don’t want to add you on Instagram. I don’t want my feed polluted with pointless pictures uploaded only for the sake of likes. However you are kind of hot, and my twitchy thumb seems to be hankering to press the Tinder ‘like’ button. Still, jokes on you bitch, you probably won’t like me back which means you’ll never know I liked you. Things like that keep girls like you awake at night.

That’s the genius behind Tinder, it’s clandestine. Our admiration for each other is buried in a matrix of code, and no one can salvage the upper hand. Some girls try to claim it by adding Instagram, but they know it’s a desperate grasp at fleeting approval.

App Idea

The following app idea is not shared.

I have an app idea that’s been consuming my time and thoughts for the past five weeks. The idea is good enough to have survived the research phase, what I mean by that is I haven’t found anything like it that exists. I’ve done some crude designs in photoshop and made an even cruder prototype with some free internet software. I reached that point about two weeks ago, I had done as much as I could on my own, and I began seeking a professionals advice/outsourcing development. If I had continued working on my own; reading and tweaking the prototype, then I’m just procrastinating. If there’s ever a time for the poisonous lag of perfection, it comes way later.

I received a call late one afternoon from a company telling me they had received my enquiry and had emailed me a non-disclosure agreement to protect my idea. He told me my idea had a “great concept” and he loved it. He told me I should expect a second phone call the following day. I never received the call, even after a follow-up of three emails, one text message and one phone call over the next week. I felt clingy, as if I was trying to follow up a girl for a half planned date. There’s probably a term for guys like me in the tech world, think they have an idea, think they’ll be rich. I Facebook’d the guy to see if he had any status updates about having a nervous breakdown or being fired from his job. None of that, but he was in a gay marriage, seemed to make extremely dramatic status updates about his long work commute and how it was sucking his soul.

I’m still waiting for other developers to get back to me this week, they’re replies seem to take up to four days. I’m not interested in anything else right now except getting a quote and some advice on this. The next 12 months of my life could be very different if this app idea is viable, I’ve already been told it’s a great idea, so I’m hanging out for an official report/quote (researched estimate $3000 – $10 000). I’m very distracted with this, I might even be outcome dependent. This means so much more than a girl enthusiastically replying to a text.

A lot of guys write about the importance of passive game, building a good lifestyle and being proud of what you do every day. Still, I see a lot of bloggers and commenters just talking about how relentless they are in the clubs at 2am. You burn out with active game if you don’t have the money, the spare time, the connections and the wellbeing. In the past month I’ve approached maybe ten girls. I feel indifferent about getting to meet a girl right now, I suppose I’ve taken a break. They can’t give me what I want right now, can’t help me towards the self-employed lifestyle I want.

I’m in a sort of limbo. I suppose this is the first hurdle for an idea, I can see that some people would have given up by now. It’s not like waiting is difficult or synonymous with hard work, but there’s so much opportunity for distraction, and that’s the achilles heel of the modern man. This is a pretty good idea (I’ve had a lot of mediocre ones before, this one has a feel), it has kinks to be worked over, but I believe the core concept is useable. I’m also thinking about what percentage of my savings would I spend on this and where i draw the limit. With projects like these they’re always more expensive than anticipated. What’s more important than it’s fruition is the fact I’ve experienced an original idea and been highly motivated towards it. If I can do it once then there’s no reason I can’t do it again.